Are you ‘Inflammaging’ your skin?

imageDid you know?

High powered lasers, deep peels, IPL and Retin A and other aggressive skin treatments can cause skin inflammaging. This means they can actually AGE the skin MORE in the long run than noninvasive treatments.

The term ‘inflammaging’ is changing the face of skincare. ‘Inflammaging’ describes skin aging induced by chronic (persistent) inflammation. An example of inflammaging is using products such as Retin A and Retinoids daily that cause long term inflammation on the skin. After years of use, some Retin A users start to see diminishing results and lacklusimageter looking skin.

Other harsh, invasive treatments such as high powered lasers at the dermatologist’s office (IPL, Yag, Erbium, etc.) can also cause a hardening or scarring of the skin. This is so prevalent that many plastic surgeons refuse to work on clients who have had previous repeated laser treatments. The surgeons know that a facelift would not “lay properly” because the skin is hardened or scarred due to inflammaging from the repeated laser work.

In my practice, I use gentle, no-downtime treatments that I know the skin loves. I gently coax the skin into a healthier state through non ablative (non-cutting or damaging) microcurrent, LED light and other progressive rather than aggressive treatments. The professional products I use are full of antinflammatory and antioxidant ingredients your skin loves. After a treatment, you can be sure your skin will look better than it did when you walked in. That’s my promise!

If you want to avoid inflammaging your skin but still want supple, lifted and hydrated skin, contact me for relaxing yet effective treatments. Call or text now to book an appointment (317) 891-5424 or book online.

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  1. i wish you lived closer to me….thank you for all your up dated information, i love watching your videos….i use micro current treatments on myself…how long should i wait after using a light exfoliation or a chemical peel before using my micro current machine? I am a licensed cosmetologist for 25 years now and aim just getting into the skin care business! thank you bonnie

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