Can facial massage really be antiaging? If it’s the RIGHT kind of massage

cropped-image21.jpgThe Facial Contouring Massage. That’s the name of the class I assisted Jane Mann LE teach in Vegas two weeks ago.  The class taught the face has too layers of fascia (a tough but delicate layer that holds the body together.)  In the face, the most superficial layer controls minute facial contractions or movements.  The deeper layer connects the skin to muscle and fat and forms the “girdle” of facial muscles called the SMAS by surgeons. If this fascia

3D model of facial fascia and muscles
3D model of facial fascia and muscles

is restricted, it will hold deeper facial wrinkles “in place” until released. Also, fascia constricts in many different directions and can be restricted by repetitive facial movements, surgery, scars, injections, implants, fillers and other facial procedures thereby blocking optimum lymph flow (waste removal/detoxification) and blood circulation in the skin. Also, just like in the body we gets knots from overworked muscles (think about your shoulders and neck from looking down at the computer, phone or tablet, for example) the same occurs in the face.

After a series of Jade Microcurrent Facial Contouring Massage

So the question is, can facial massage be antiaging for the face?  Absolutely yes!  The CORRECT facial massage, one that releases fascia AND deep tension in the face will increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage from the face.  This results in a very relaxed, smooth, plump looking face after the Facial Contour Massage with Microcurrent.  But a normal massage won’t do the same thing. Why?  Because it takes a certain touch to release fascia. It is very gentle. The practitioner needs to really understand the anatomy of the face and to be able to feel the release.  If you go too deep too soon, less lasting benefits happen. When you release the fascia first then go deeper,  antiaging magic happens and the results stay longer.  (Think of the last deep tissue massage you had.  It was great but you needed another one two days later, right?  Why?  They didn’t release the fascia and the tight fascia moved the muscles right back into (the tight) place.  The fascia controls the muscle and NOT the other way around.)

Add microcurrent facial toning and it is one of the best, most nurturing antiaging treatments you can get for yourself.  Read more here:

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