I’m a finalist in the Skin Games!

imageWoohoo!  Out of 1,029 applicants nationwide, I’m a top 30 finalist in the 2016 Skin Games  (and top 6 in the age management category!)  I’ll be competing with the 30 top estheticians in the country, according to the Games.   I was also voted People’s Choice Top 10, see photo to the left.  Check out the live show April 23rd, 2016. I’ll be there representing lil’ old Indianapolis! That’s right!  I’ll be traveling to California in April to attend the live show taping.  I have to sit in front a panel of judges before the show.  That part is a teeny bit intimidating.  What will they ask me?  Hopefully about all my skincare secrets I used on my model. (To enter, I had to submit photos and videos of 8 weeks of antiaging treatments on a model.)  That’s easy.  I’ve been sharing skincare secrets for the last 9 years on my YouTube channel.  Check them out here:  www.youtube.com/users/christinebyer

So keep your fingers crossed!  I’ll keep you updated on the results.  If anything, I’m just looking forward to meeting other top estheticians from across the country.  Should be fun!  Stay tuned for posts from the show in April.