If I only had an hour to make your face look amazing…

cropped-image21.jpgToday I had an hour to make a difference in someone’s skin. What did I do?

A coconut enzyme peel, followed by pulsed vacuum facial cupping, red LED light and Microcurrent facial toning.  The result?

Here’s what the client said:


The reason it made such a difference is that this treatment effected the face on a few different levels. To work on rough skin texture without over drying it I chose the coconut papaya enzyme peel. It’s gentle, effective and slow acting. I can do the facial cupping at the same time. The facial cupping virtually “sucks” and drains all the lymph and extra cellular fluids (read: puffiness, double chins, bagginess and jowly-ness, etc.) from the face. This renders the face and neck looking slim, taught and svelte. The red LED light increases the skin’s cellular activity to provide lasting results of the facial (increases cellular turnover 5-7 fold). The Microcurrent lifts and tones facial muscles to lift cheeks, eyes, necks and foreheads. The result is a work-of-art facial that lasts a few weeks. Better still, when done in a series of 6-12 twice weekly treatments (depending on age and amount of wrinkling or drooping) the results are cumulative and last longer between treatments. Facial muscle memory returns to a more youthful state. Facial lymph drainage returns to it’s quick, youthful rate and drainage pattern.  The skin thickens and its tone evens.  End result: a beautiful, even-toned, lifted, sculpted face that is always photoready and never artificial looking.  Selfie, anyone?