See my People’s Choice Award in the Skin Games!

It’s been a wild ride this Spring kicking off with the Skin Games in California. The Skin Games is the first-ever national competition of estheticians. Out of 1029 esthetician players, the top 30 finalists (yes I was a finalist!) traveled to California for the Live Show and judging process. I sat in front of a panel of skincare industry executives who were judging the finalists (not to mention a camera crew and the entire staff of the Skin Games. No intimidation there!) But it was a fun experience, and I learned a ton in the process.

To enter the Skin Games, I did an 8 week case study with a model, with before and after photos and a video blog every week.  Out of more than 1000 entries, I was chosen a finalist due to the results I accomplished  (See here if you didn’t see them.)

Now you can say your esthetician is a Skin Games Finalist and won the top 3 People’s Choice Award. Thanks for voting for me!  See some photos below.

P.S. Rumor has it (but it’s very hush, hush!) that the Live Show will be televised. Not sure when or what channel. Trust me, I will let you know!

Here’s a recap

Accepting my award
My award and Tshirt


I'm third from the left
I’m third from the left
On the red carpet with some new friends.
On the red carpet with some new friends.