Spring is in the air, or is that pollution?

Before and after 12 days using the MINI

It’s springtime in Indianapolis and lots of fun skincare things are happening. I started a Clareblend Mini Users Facebook group to provide ongoing support and exclusive content for my loyal clients. If you haven’t got a Mini home microcurrent yet, scoot on over to that page to check it out.  I post exclusive videos for trouble spots (videos that I don’t post on YouTube!) and offer consultations through the group.  It’s been a huge hit with over 140 members since January.

Most exciting new product of the spring, ok century is NeoGenesis.  This is human stem cell science at its best. I have been waiting for this product line for ages.  It’s organic, nontoxic and oncology safe.  I feel good about using it daily on my face.  When I first started using it in January, I was blown away. I was using great products already, but adding NeoGenesis Recovery made every morning like Christmas.

What new improvement in lines, texture, pores or spots would I see? Neck line at base of neck, gone.  Pores, tiny!  Sunspots, as light as they ever get.  And my skin was so calm and behaving beautifully.  Almost like in my 20s, minus the extra fat padding of course.  (Wouldn’t that be an amazing product, one that adds fat only where we want it.  Get to work, NeoGenesis!  Can you make it happen?  If any line could, it would be NeoGenesis.)  So exciting to see a line like this that works and doesn’t contain loads of garbage.  Order here and get free shipping.

What’s this about pollution, you ask?  Well I found a mask at the Chicago skincare show in March that solves two problems I find in skin constantly: pollution and lack of minerals.  It also supercharges my microcurrent treatments, which I discovered by happy accident.  Clients are raving over this mask.  It’s called…

(Stay tuned for the more info next post!)

3 Replies to “Spring is in the air, or is that pollution?”

  1. Hi Christine, I love you video about radio frequency dot matrix! I just bought one and was wondering if I could do my derma roller with this? I want to buy the seaweed mask you were using but cannot find in my area. Can you advise?

    1. I would use only once per week. Derma rolling and rf together is too much for the skin. I would do one or the other for a few months then switch.

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