See what all the rage is about with Jane Mann’s (aka Las Vegas’ best kept secret, colleague and microcurrent instructor extraordinaire) new fascia release tool, the Anma.  Japanese for massage, the Anma is a gentle tool that helps release deep facial tension (read: wrinkles).

Before and after 4 months of regular Anma massage *Photo courtesy of Jane Mann

The lighter you massage the deeper the release.  It gently releases deep lines and wrinkles that make you look tired, mad or sad when you really aren’t!

It brings hyaluronic acid (the stuff in expensive injectables) to the surface of the skin and makes it look fresh, plump and healthy.

This is myofascial release at its best.(Especially if you can’t come to me for it!)

$55* with free shipping (for a limited time)

*Includes exclusive membership to my SKINCARE ENTHUSIASTS group where you can ask me questions & access BONUS technique videos that I don’t post on YouTube.

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