New! Clareblend Red LED Light Device

I’m really enjoying this powerful, MEDICAL GRADE, almost weightless (only 3 ounces), FDA approved Clareblend (Evis MD) Red LED device.  Best of all, it’s MADE BY CLAREBLEND!  You know it’s quality when Clareblend is behind it.  The Clareblend LED by itself is $199.00

Use 20 minutes 2 times per week for radiant skin.  During building phase 3 times per week is ok.  Do not overuse ANY type of LED  or you can get a bad case of the “skin uglies”.   This happens when the skin is working so hard to renew but not getting enough water or nutrients to keep up.  It’s like working out really hard and not drinking water.  I tell you this because many manufacturers will tell you to use their LED everyday.  If the LED is powerful like this that will be counterproductive!

I will be offering this LED packaged with the Clareblend MINI Microcurrent Device.  The price of the MINI plus the LED is $478   You save  $40.00.  Contact for this deal.

Clareblend Evis MD LED Light Device $199 includes FREE SHIPPING!

Red LED Brochure